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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

How to Apply

Admission to LIM College is based on a student’s academic abilities, proven strengths, and individual talents. If you have questions about applying to LIM College, affording an education here, or arranging a campus visit please contact the Admissions Office.

How to Apply for Undergraduate Admission

LIM College accepts applications on a rolling admission basis. Applications may be submitted on-line or by mail. The application can be downloaded or requested. You may apply at any time, up to the beginning of the fall or spring term, until all openings are filled. However, we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Once all application requirements are met, the Admissions Committee will notify you within six weeks of its decision. Decisions for the fall semester will be mailed out starting December 15and decisions for the spring semester will be mailed out starting October 1.

Quick Codes

SAT number: 2380 ACT number: 4807

Application Requirements

To be considered for admission, you must submit:

  1. The completed Application for Admission (either paper or on-line)
  2. A $40 nonrefundable application fee
  3. Official transcripts from all high schools and colleges attended (high school diploma or equivalent required)
  4. Official SAT or ACT scores including the writing section (waived for international applicants, applicants over the age of 25, or students who have satisfactorily completed at least 15 non-remedial credits at an accredited college)
  5. Two letters of recommendation
  6. Interviews are required under certain circumstances at the request of the College, or granted at the request of the applicant. International students are required to interview.
  7. Freshman applicants who are interested in applying for Early Action can obtain detailed instructions and the Early Action form on the LIM College website.

Students are also encouraged to submit an activity sheet or resume.

Special Information for Transfer Students

At LIM College students who have attended another post-secondary institution are considered transfer students. Transfer students may be admitted to LIM College in either the fall or spring semester. Each transfer student’s transcript will be evaluated individually. LIM College recognizes that students coming from other institutions may already have completed some of the bachelor’s degree requirements. Only courses which are considered applicable to LIM College degrees will be considered for transfer. Transfer credits are awarded for grades of C or higher. (Passing grades lower than a C will be accepted for students transferring in with an associate degree.) All courses must be 100 level or above in order to be accepted. Grades do not transfer and are not used in the calculation of the student’s grade point average. The maximum number of accepted transfer credits that may be applied towards an associate degree is 32. The maximum number of accepted transfer credits that may be applied towards a bachelor’s degree is 65. The number of transferred credits will determine a student’s entering academic level. The last consecutive 33 credits of an associate degree and the last consecutive 46 credits of a bachelor’s degree must be completed at LIM College in order to fulfill the residency requirement. Please see Transfer Credit Guidelines  for more information.

LIM College also recognizes the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Board, where appropriate. College Board Advanced Placement tests may be acceptable for credit with scores of three and above. LIM College does not assign grades to any credits awarded under these programs and therefore such credits will not be computed in the student’s grade point average.

International Students

International students are required to submit all of the above items.


All non-native English language speakers must demonstrate English language competency through one of the following ways:

Applicants whose native language is English and who have taken at least three years of English Language and/or Composition are not required to prove English proficiency. (English as a Second Language courses are not applicable.)

Students who have completed at least three years in a school or college/university where the language of instruction is English AND submit SAT, ACT, GCSE, or IB testing are not required to prove English proficiency.

Critical Writing SAT score of 460 or above; or ACT English score of 19 or above.

A transcript from an accredited American university indicating a grade of “C” or better in one semester of college English Composition. (English as a Second Language courses are not applicable.)

An official “A” level GSCE Certificate indicating a grade of “B” or better in English.

Students who have earned at least 24 college credit hours from an accredited US college or university. (English as a Second Language courses are not applicable).

Please note that U.S. citizens who have completed the majority of their coursework abroad may be considered international students for admissions purposes.

All other applicants must submit TOEFL (minimum 550-PBT or 80-IBT), IELTS (minimum 6.5), or Pearson’s Test of English (PTE) scores (minimum 58).

All instances that do not fit within these specified criteria will be judged on a case-by-case basis. After review of the application, the Office of Admissions reserves the right to request additional documentation and/or translation of materials in support of the application.

Students who wish to transfer credits from colleges or universities located outside the United States must have their transcripts evaluated by an approved independent foreign credentials evaluation agency. The type of evaluation selected must be “course-by-course.” LIM College accepts evaluations from either World Education Services, Inc. or AACRAO’s Foreign Education Service. This must be done, even if the transcript is in English.

Acceptance and Enrollment at LIM College

Official notification of an offer of admission can only be made by an Admissions Office administrator. Notification will be sent via mail on official LIM College letterhead within 4-6 weeks of receipt of the completed application. A letter or email from a faculty member, student, or staff member outside the Undergraduate Admissions Office does not constitute an official offer of admission. Official notification will not be disseminated via email, social media, or telephone.

Upon acceptance, to be considered an enrolled student at LIM College, each student is required to submit a $400 enrollment deposit and a Tuition Agreement Form. For students entering in the fall the $400 deposit is fully refundable until April 30. From May 1 through July 31, 50% of the deposit will be refunded; after July 31, the deposit is non-refundable. For students entering in the spring the deposit is fully refundable until December 15, after that date it is non-refundable.  Students who defer their enrollment will have their enrollment deposit reapplied to their entry semester and it becomes non-refundable.  All enrolled students at LIM College are responsible for tuition and fees (as well as the costs associated with any LIM College-sponsored events in which the student participates). These fees are charged each term in which the student is enrolled.

All new students are required to submit proof of high school graduation and immunization records prior to attending classes. LIM College will verify proof of graduation of enrolled students from unfamiliar high schools, to verify the high school is approved to grant diplomas. Unfamiliar is defined as any high school which the LIM College Undergraduate Admissions Office has not received a high school transcript from before.

Consideration for merit-based scholarships will be made in the admissions decision process. For a complete list of scholarships and awards please see the LIM College Scholarships and Grants page.

 Admissions Policies

High School Transcript Submission and Proof of Graduation Policy


High School Transcript* Application Instructions:

Submission of a high school transcript* from the last school attended is an application requirement. If a student attended more than one high school, grades from each high school must be listed on the transcript; otherwise, a transcript from each high school attended must be submitted.

*A high school transcript will be defined as: high school transcript, homeschool transcript, World Education Services evaluation (WES), State issued certificate that high school equivalency has been met for students who have no school records.

Submission of Official documents:

All mailed official transcripts and other proof of graduation documents should bear an official stamp or be signed and mailed from a student’s school in a sealed envelope to: LIM College’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 12 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022.

Electronic transcripts will also be accepted when submitted from the school through Parchment or Naviance by Hobsons and other providers which we reserve the right to approve.

Proof of High School Graduation Policy:

All enrolled students must present proof of high school graduation before beginning classes at LIM College. Students must provide the Office of Admissions with such proof of graduation by the first day of class their semester of matriculation. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a student’s status being changed to non-matriculated, until the requirement is met.

LIM College considers the following documents as proof of high school graduation*:

  • A final high school transcript submitted directly from a regionally accredited high school or recognized by the department of education in the state where the school resides. The final high school transcript must indicate the date of graduation along with an official signature, seal or stamp.
  • Official high school diploma
  • A state issued certificate of high school equivalency as demonstrated by a passing score on state authorized equivalency exams such as GED (General Education Development) or TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) or HiSet (High School Equivalency Test).
  • Homeschooled students must either provide evidence of a homeschool diploma, a certificate of completion that is considered the equivalent of a high school diploma in the applicant’s home state, or they must submit a state issued certificate of high school equivalency.

*New York state residents who attended an online institution will be considered for TAP eligibility only if their institution is recognized and approved to offer high school diplomas in the state in which they operate or the students must have a state issued certificate of high school equivalency.