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2017-2018 College Catalog 
2017-2018 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management, BBA

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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management program prepares students to enter corporate management programs, start their own business. Students will build a foundation in communication, computation, management and technology skills and will be introduced to career opportunities and challenges in domestic and international business environments.

Registered HEGIS Code 0506

(Total credits: 123/124)/Effective Spring Semester 2018 - Previously (Total credits: 124)

(Total liberal arts credits: 36)

BBA Liberal Arts Requirements

36 Credits

   Required Courses - 27 Credits

Liberal Arts Elective Courses - 9 Credits

Liberal Arts Electives are any courses numbered 1000 or higher with the following prefixes: ARTS, ECON, ENGL, HIST, LANG, NTSC, PHIL, POLS, PSYC, and SOCI which are not specifically required for the student’s major.

Additional Elective Courses

15 Credits

Electives are any courses numbered 1000 or higher (except EECM 1890 - Career Exploration Internship) which are not specifically required for the student’s degree program.


All courses are required except where choice is indicated.

First Year Experience is required of all first-time freshmen or students who have transferred in less than 13 credits.

For BPS and BBA degree students, a minimum of 58 credits must be completed at LIM College.

For BS degree students, a minimum of 61 credits must be completed at LIM College.

All entering students’ prior academic records are evaluated to determine Mathematics and English capabilities. This includes SAT and/or ACT math and writing results and results of English and mathematics courses taken at other colleges. See the LIM College website for current criteria. This information is used when planning a student’s academic program, which may include required remedial Mathematics  and/or English  courses. Remedial courses do not carry credit towards the degree, but do carry hours which count towards full-time status. See Credits and Hours  and Remedial Course Policy  for further information. 

Fashion Scholars

All Fashion Scholars are required to complete the following:


LIM College offers the following concentrations for each major, which are intended to provide an additional focused area of study:

Digital Business Strategy
Event Planning
Fashion Media (not for Fashion Media majors)
Fashion Merchandising (not for Fashion Merchandising majors)
**Fashion Publishing
Home Fashions
International Business (not for International Business majors)
International Marketing
Responsible Business Practices
Retail & Merchandise Management
Visual Merchandising (not for Visual Merchandising majors)

For specific concentration course requirements, students should see their Academic Advisor or check the College website.

** Fashion Publishing discontinued effective 9/24/2017

Management Student Consumer Information

For further student consumer information about the Management degree and outcomes of our graduates please visit:  http://www.limcollege.edu/gedt/management_bs.html

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